• UB_Fancy_Paper_Binders-back-viewUB_FaUB_Fancy_Paper_Binders-back-view


    • Standard US Letter size
    • Brown fancy paper covered on heavy duty 1800gsm chipboard, spine wrapped with brown fabric
    • 26 O rings inside with 0.75” height
    • Custom logo white hot foiled
    • Final Size: W255 x L45 x H300mm
  • Ring-Paper-Board-Binder-front-viewRing-Paper-Board-Binder-back-view


    • Standard A5 size with round back
    • Black lizard textured fancy paper covered on rigid 2mm paperboard, black craft paper lined
    • 2 D ring with 1” height
    • Custom logo silver hot foiled
    • Final Size: W270 x L58 x H320mm
  • 2 D Ring Vinyl Binder With Pockets-front-view2 D Ring Vinyl Binder With Pockets-front-view


    • Standard international A4 size
    • White vinyl covered on 1800gsm chipboard
    • 2 D ring with 1” high
    • White pocket inside left with 12cm height
    • Final Size: W265 x L40 x H320mm
  • 2-D-Ring-Vinyl-Binder-With-Pockets-And-2-Black-Rivets-front-view2-D-Ring-Vinyl-Binder-With-Pockets-And-2-Black-Rivets-front-view


    • Standard international A4 size
    • Black vinyl covered on 1800gsm chipboard
    • Custom logo white silkscreen printing
    • 2 D ring with 1” height
    • Clear business card holder inside & label pocket on spinet
    • Final Size: W260 x L45 x H320mm
  • Earth-Friendly-Binders-top-view-closedUB_Earth_Friendly_Binders_073_04


    • Available in any customized size;
    • Natural undercoated black/white/brown craft paper for cover material
    • Available in various chipboard weight 1000gsm~2200gsm
    • Custom design CMYK/PMS color could be printed
    • Available in 2/3/4 ring type with various capacity 0.5”/1”/1.5”/2”/2.5”/3”
    • Optional custom logo hot foil stamped in silver/gold/white/black/red/green/blue, etc
    • Final Size: W280 x L30 x H280mm
  • Round-Ring-Cloth-Paper-Binder-front-viewUB_Euro-Flat_Back_Cloth_Binders-inside-view


    • Standard US Letter size
    • Fancy fabric covered on rigid 3mm chipboard, black fancy paper lined
    • 3 O ring with 1” height
    • Final Size:W280 x L300 x H45mm
  • 3 Round Ring Vinyl Binder-front-view3 Round Ring Vinyl Binder-front-view


    • Standard international A4 size
    • Black vinyl covered on 1500gsm chipboard
    • Custom logo silkscreen printed
    • Custom picture debossed
    • 3 O ring with 1” height
    • Clear business card pocket and triangle sleeve inside
    • Final Size:W265 x L35 x H315mm
  • Ring-Paper-Binder-With-Flap-front-viewRing-Paper-Binder-With-Flap-back-view


    • Standard A4 size with 2 flaps
    • 157gsm art paper covered on 1800gsm chipboard
    • Full color custom design printed
    • 4 D ring with 1” height
    • Magnet closure flap
    • Clear plastic pocket inside
    • Final Size: W265 x L40 x H330mm
  • 4-D-Ring-Paper-Binder-front-view4-D-Ring-Paper-Binder-top-view


    • International A4 size
    • 157gsm art paper wrapped on 1800gsm chipboard;
    • Custom PMS color printed outside & inside
    • 4 D ring with 1.5” capacity
    • Matte lamination for durable protection
    • Final Size: W270 x L55 x H320mm
  • 4 Round Ring Metal Binder-front-view4 Round Ring Metal Binder image-top-view


    • Standard international A4 size
    • Green aluminum
    • Custom logo silkscreen printing & debossed
    • 4 O ring with 1.5” height
    • Final Size: W225 x L40 x H320mm
  • 3 Ring Entrapment Binders-front-view3 Ring Entrapment Binders-front-view


    • US letter size;
    • Transparent poly covered on 2mm greyboard with color page encapsulated.
    • one clear plastic sleeve front cover. half height pockets inside left and right.
    • 3-O ring binder with 1” height.
  • Ring A5 Binder With Insert-side-view


    • A5 size wedding planner binder
    • 157gsm art paper wrapped on 1500gsm chipboard;
    • Custom design printed
    • 2 D ring with 1.5” capacity
    • Matte lamination for durable protection
    • Printed inner pages insert
    • Final Size: W219 x L53 x H237mm