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Working at Ubinder

We’ve been shedding convenience on what’s important since 2003 by creating dependable, high-quality ring binders. In past 18 years, we focused on building and strengthening relationships with not only customers and professionals, but with office clerks who choose our products for their jobs. We manufacture all kinds of ring binders such as paper binder, vinyl binder, easel binder, clear view binder, cloth binder, aluminum binder, metal binder, poly binder, binder box. You can get whatever popular technology , fancy papers, styles, fabric or cloth materials there is in market from us, and almost all kinds of rings mechanism from us,like slant D ring, round ring, oval ring, post pipe ring etc. it’s what happens when the binders finally come on that really makes paper work easy. Ubinder® products are more than just binders; they’re “office-stylish” by helping people see what’s truly important.

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  • SEM operator
  • Google ads operator
  • Editor

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  • Competitive salary
  • Full/part-time jobs
  • Company-paid life and disability coverage


Ubinder is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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