Are Turned-Edge Binders Still Ruling the World

Ubinder Are Turned-Edge Binders Still Ruling the World?

In this 21st century, the world has become an IT hub. Scientists and companies have started using data servers and cloud technology to store their sensitive information and important researches. Data nowadays is stored on hard drives rather than paper binders.

However, a single virus can corrupt and destroy all your years and years of records. Hence, writing down all your information in a turned edge binder may right now seem like a low-tech option. But it is a perfect way to provide you with backup for all your data!

Ubinder introduces high-end turned edge binders to keep your documents intact

turned edge

What is a Turned-Edge Binder?

It uses a rigid paper board for its outer cover while manufacturing. This outer casing can be custom design printed and laminated with premium quality material. The outer layer is glued and wrapped so that it overlaps on the chipboard casing and bends around its edges. This is why it is called “turned-edge.”

What Are the Benefits of Turned Edge Binder?

  1. Colorful Printing Option

It gives you the choice to print the exterior covers of the file folders with full-graphical artwork. The interior can also be printed in vibrant solid colors to give it an attractive appeal. You can also enjoy gold and silver foil stamping and debossing/embossing on its outer covering.

  1. Availability of Wide Range of Styles

 It comes in a broad range of variety of styles like with or without transparent plastic pockets to keep your essentials like pen and business cards. It can be molded into multiple binders like

  • Self-standing easel binder
  • Presentation covers
  • Catalogs
  • Slipcases
  1. Customizable Special Sizes

Unlike other a4 ring binders that have fixed styles, turned edge binders can be customized into multiple unique shapes and sizes. The width and the height of a5 binders are adjustable according to the client’s requirements.

  1. Visually Appealing Look

It has a professional and captivating feel about it. It gives a vibe of a high-end binder because it is extremely durable, well-constructed, and tough. This all will benefit you in your business to the next level by creating a good lasting impression on your business clients.


Are Turned-Edge Binders Durable for Longer Use?

The longevity of the a4 ring binder depends on the cover material which decides either it can withstand outdoor extreme temperatures and rough use. A hard, tough, and sturdy cover can survive more days than a softer one.

Vinyl Binder Vs Turned Edge binder. Which one is better?

Which one is better for you depends on how clearly you understand your purpose and requirements of purchase.

Vinyl Binder Turned Edge Binder
Made up of vinyl sheets Made up of paper, cloth, vinyl
Visually pleasing due to cover decoration More professional & organizational look
Light & moderate office handling Used in tough outdoor handling